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What red lipstick do you use or recommend?
Over the years I have tried many different brands and shades of red lipstick searching for the perfect one. However I have to say, there is no "perfect" red. Everyone has a different skin tone! In order to find the perfect red for you it could take some time, but lets be honest. Who doesn't enjoy playing around with makeup?

The shades I use are
Lip liner (always use lip liner!) Julie Hewett- Femme Noir
(I use this lip liner for any other shade of lipstick I use)

Loreal- Eva's Red (all time best drug store brand go to)

Julie HewettFemme Noir (I am particularity fond of Ms. Hewett's lipstick not only because of quality but they are stored in the most beautiful gold 1940's style containers! :)

Mac- Russian Red 

What Makeup brand do you use? 
For the past 3 years I have been using Tarte Cosmetics. I have struggled with acne and skin problems over the years so using drug store makeup was/is not an option for me. I have my skin much more under control currently! (Thanks to essential oil soaps and diet)
I still use Tarte cosmetics though. I absolutely love their products and the fact that they are natural.

My go to/must have products from them are as follows.
Brow Mousse
Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation
Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation SPF 15
Amazonian clay 12-Hour Blush 

And there you have it! These products have lasted me well over a year. Which is great since they are quite pricey. (So worth it though)

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