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Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hello, everyone! It is becoming quite apparent to me that I will never be a perfect blogger and get 3 plus posts out a week. I can barely seem to do one a month! But that is ok :) My husband and I moved again… haha… Within the same county! and we have the same jobs, so it wasn’t like the last two moves which turned our lives upside down completely. That still does not change the fact that moving can be quite difficult and strenuous.

This move, in particular, turned out to be difficult for me. On the one hand, I was incredibly excited to be transferring to a larger house. And not just larger folks, but a house that wasn’t falling apart. Our last house we rented while picturesque in some ways was literally falling to the ground. Between termite damage and the owners not fixing it since the 1970’s, it made for some interesting times. Holes in the kitchen floor larger than my foot, no insulation, the gas went out and we cooked over a fire outside for a time, and did I mention the entire house was carpeted in green shag carpet? Yes, even the kitchen had green carpet. To say I was looking forward to a better house is an understatement!

The monkey wrench in this move ended up being my husband had to leave for two weeks of job training for the week leading up to the move as well as for the move itself. Also, I was 29 weeks pregnant. That made for the worst formula ever. EVER. I have never and I mean never been so stressed in my entire life. I could not have done the move without the help of my two brother in laws and friends that’s for certain. Still… as cheesy as it may sound, I never realized how much I actually relied on Ethan until he was gone for two weeks at a crucial time. I felt like everything was completely falling apart.

Some odd weeks later we are getting settled in. Life is swinging into a more normal rhythm and I feel like I can sit down and breath. Currently, I am 32 weeks and some days pregnant. As the due date (May 24th) draws closer, Ethan and I grow more and more anxious to meet our baby girl. My mind is flooded with things to do! From setting up her room to arranging her baptism after she is born. The to-do list seems endless. I had to laugh a bit the other day. Before the move, I truly did have grand summer sewing plans. Which, coincidentally all flew out the window. I don’t have time to sew before she is born, between work and still moving in (it takes me a while to get things just how I like :) as well as I find myself purely not having the energy. Simple activities seem strenuous to me. Simple as in getting out of bed in the morning. That being said, I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Yes, it’s difficult. it’s difficult physically, and emotionally. Not to mention dealing with the onslaught of comments from the world. Such as your 20 and pregnant? Why on earth would you do such a thing? I have actually had some people ask me in hushed tones at the doctor's office (and elsewhere) “Was this on purpose?”

I thought getting married at 19 brought enough from the peanut gallery. Nope, turns out starting a family at the age of 20 “blows peoples minds” so to speak and they ask “But why?”. Continuously. The subject is difficult. I will be honest, becoming a mother has never been my dream. As a young adult, I had plans for my life that didn’t include marriage let alone having children until I was at least 26 or 27. The saying if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans has continued to ring true with my life day in and day out. Which I am thankful for! Because I wouldn’t trade having a baby and being married for anything. Yet, there are still moments of weakness. Moments when I wonder what life would have been if I really had joined the Navy and gone to nursing school. If I had pursued modeling and fashion design more. Those ‘what if’ feelings really creep up when other people feel the need to tell me how they feel about my life decisions. Comments like “Your wasting your life” “What are you thinking” come to mind as a write. Both of which have been expressed to me on numerous occasions from different spectators.

But every time I feel her kick, look at an ultrasound photo or even think to the first time we found out we were expecting; a pregnancy which sadly ended in a miscarriage. I think to myself it is so worth it. And while it isn’t what I had planned for my life, it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t.

Our old house WAS pretty cute. on the outside :) 

I am learning a lot right now. Being stretched and grown (literally and figuratively hehe) more than ever before. I’m learning to let go of having the perfect body. As well as learning I have major pride issues. A clean eating gal who works out regularly doesn’t get diagnosed with gestational diabetes without taking a major hit to her pride. When I was told I failed my glucose test, I actually told the doctor “That just can’t be. I do everything right! There’s been a mistake.” No, no mistake. I do indeed have gestational diabetes. Which makes me feel like a failure already as a mother. I know that’s not true and it really is a medical condition that I couldn’t help but that didn’t make hearing the diagnosis easier. On the brighter side! I am measuring perfectly, my weight gain is under control, and the doctor said my blood sugar numbers look good. So YAY.

To cap off what has been a super random post… I am counting my blessings as they are so many this Sunday. I am thankful for the warm weather, the mountains of North Carolina, my husband, our baby, a church, for growing fresh herbs and planning a summer garden. For letting go of being “perfect” or rather my illusion of perfect. Life is messy but lovely. And honestly? I don’t think I would change anything right now. Even the messy parts.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Summer Wardrobe Plans

Happy February to all! My heavens January flew right by didn't it? You may be wondering at the pre-maturity of the title seeing as it is just barely February. However, I am very much in the throws of planning and creating my summer wardrobe. All in my pre-baby size. While I feel this is quite a risk to take, it's one I am 100% taking. Allowing for minor adjustments such as enlarging the bust size and opting for not too heavily tailored styles.

When I originally sat down to sketch out my wardrobe, I drew up lots of separates. I had visions of pants and shorts all matched with cute tops. And while I am not entirely abandoning this plan, I am adding to it. Recently my husband and I ventured into downtown Asheville to catch a showing of La La Land. The film was absolutely stunning! Being Jazz music lovers, musical theatre performers, and old movie buffs the movie was just our cup of tea :) Needless to say, Emma Stone's wardrobe greatly inspired me to add some dresses to my wardrobe. Honestly, I haven't sewn myself a good staple dress in years. Far too long!

One of the elements I enjoyed most about Emma Stone's wardrobe was that her dresses had a vintage feel and nostalgia to them without being over the top costumey looking. Some flowy breathable dresses will certainly be making an appearance in my closet this summer.

My practical reasons for this choice being we live in the Carolinas. Every single year summer rolls around, salutations are made to 100 plus degree weather not including the humidity index. Also no fuss dresses sound fantastic to throw on while taking care of a newborn! I can imagine I won't have nearly the amount of time to get ready as I do now.

Without further adieu, here are my sewing plans.


View 1 of the Colette Zinnia skirt. I have some incredibly soft, light wash denim waiting to be used for this!

The Rita pleated shorts from Wearing History. Made from a rayon challis I have in my stash

I am so excited about View 3 of the Sencha blouse! I picked up this pattern in Seattle, WA at District Fabrics along with some lovely cream and yellow polka dot fabric for the intent of this project. I am 90% done with this blouse! YAY :) From talking to other mothers, the overwhelming advice is this. After you have a baby, there will be hardly any extra time for activities such as sewing. Thus, I am attempting to get a head start. Time will tell if this is a genius idea or just..not.... haha 

View A of this Butterick pattern. 
I am planning to sew this a size larger than I usually would and I figure I can do that! because it has these fabulous giant ties that can easily adjust the size and shape of the bodice as my body changes. 

I would love to make this dress in a very free flowing drape-able fabric. Perhaps in a deep pink or lavender? I usually do not gravitate towards these colors, however my skin tone is summer. And this year, I am trying to use fabrics within my my color wheel.. Also, to break out of my normal wardrobe choices. 

This halter dress will be made using a deep green crepe. My plans being that this dress can easily transfer from summer into fall.

Can we all take a moment to realize how awesome and beautiful halter top dresses are?? Specifically those styles from the 1940's and 1950's. I am just not a fan of modern halter top styles. My rule of thumb with a halter dress or top is this... If you have an open back to a dress, one must have a high front. Simple as that!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter.

Is anyone else out there planning their spring/summer wardrobe? 
Comment below and let me know!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

A New Normal

Happy Sunday to everyone!

It seems there was a quick preview of winter last week, (Bonjour snow! :) Sadly it has left. Currently, we are enjoying 50 degree days here in the mountains. These bounces back and forth in the weather make for quite the interesting wardrobe. Not even factoring in the fact I am not able to fit into any of my old clothes anymore. Today marks my first maternity outfit post. Yay! I have had quite the time as of late trying to find clothing. First off, can we talk about the fact that a lot of maternity clothes are awful? I never truly realized it until I had to start shopping for some. Honestly, that combined with the constant body changes right now, I don't want to even get dressed in real clothes half of the time.

 I have majorly struggled with the weight gain aspect of pregnancy, to be honest. I am eating incredibly well though, having successfully cut out almost all sugar, bread, and dairy. None the less, my body has been consistently packing on the pounds. ALL OVER. My legs, back, hips, arms etc. You name it. As someone who is obsessive about their weight, this has led to many a meltdown already. Honestly, my self-confidence is at the lowest it has ever been which is difficult. It's a bad downward spiral of feeling selfish for feeling upset about gaining weight...over and over and over again. Slowly but surely I am working through it.
That being said, I could not be happier about being pregnant! My husband and I are truly thrilled and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new little girl. It gets more real with every day. This past week I have felt movement which is truly the most incredible thing.

I have reached 21 weeks which is past the halfway point. Yikes! May 24th will be here before I know it. Although due dates are hardly ever 100% correct, it's a date we are planning everything around. And I can't wait to share some tiny adorable sewing projects being worked on in the sewing room. 

Dress: Target
Belt: Gift from my sister in law
Bag: Antique find!
Shoes: Cole Haan

I must sign off for now as tons of housework calls my name. I hope everyone is having a lovely winter!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Years! And a 2016 Recap

Hello! My it has been far too long... It seems that 2017 has officially come. Which to me is unreal in every aspect. Christmas flew by without so much as a wink, as did time with family. Living a couple hours away from one's family may not seem like a terrible hike, but life is busy for everyone. Meaning seeing my and Ethan's family is a precious commodity these days.

2016 held so much. It turned out to be a year where such an extraordinary amount of things came to pass that it felt as if two years worth of events and activities were shoved into one.

Here in a brief bullet point list are some main events that happened!

  • January 2, 2016, Ethan and I got married! 
  • We moved to a small temporary house
  • We moved to Alaska for the fishing season
  • We moved back to NC 
  • We couch surfed from family to family while we searched for a place to live 
  • We moved to the mountains 
  • I got a job working for Brooks Brothers
  • We left to Scotland for a week (we decided we would do this during Alaska ) 
  • We truly settle into our new rental house. Yay!
  • Ethan and I host Thanksgiving dinner (An accomplishment I am putting on here, because if you have ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner by yourself.... well, you understand;) 
  • Christmas time! Ethan and I get to tell our families that we will indeed be welcoming a little girl into the world! The due date being May 24, 2017. 

This catches us up to present day. Currently, a series of decisions need to be made that all have quite the domino effect upon each other. While I have never been a person who dislikes change or making decisions, I find myself wanting to fall asleep and wake up to find everything rosy and perfect. Haha, if only real life were that easy! P.S. Ethan and I are thinking about possibly moving again.... Which sounds like such an overwhelming prospect. However, it is one of those decisions mentioned above that need to be made. Truly beginning to feel like a nomad...

Here a some of my favorite photos from this past year. (In absolutely no particular order)
Getting ready photos! 
Left to right: My best friend Heidi, me, then my sisters Caroline and Casey. We are all quite silly and dramatic... If you can't tell :)
Father daughter dance

The scenery and weather never ceased to amaze me in Alaska! 

Enjoying some time in Washington state after Alaska!

Scotland... I can only ever hope to return someday! Hopefully for months of exploration instead of a week. 
North Carolina apples=the best 

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and Advent season. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OOTD: Autumn in North Carolina

My, that title sounds strange without New York at the end doesn't it? I apologize for radio silence and a complete lack of regular posting. When I started this blog I had these beautiful intentions of posting no less than three times a week. However, then you start work. Your days off are spent catching up on laundry, housework, and make-a-head meals. Don't get me wrong. I love it! I truly love taking care of a house and being a wife. It's just that I'm still learning the ropes of it all and it occupies almost all of my time.

I have not even had the privilege to sit down and spend some quality time with my darling  Bernina. Save for mandatory mending. If you do not already know, I work part time for Brooks Brothers as a supervisor. And the holiday hours that come along with working retail will soon set in creating even longer days. Thankfully, my husband and I share one weekday off from work that is the same. We have enjoyed using this day to explore the new territory we now call home. The mountains of North Carolina have so much to offer! Apple and vegetable stands on every corner it seems, not to mention homemade apple cider donuts. :)

As a side note. Western North Carolina is in an extreme drought right now. Wildfires are roaring and burning thousands of acres. The fire truly is just down the road from us and we may have to possibly evacuate. Prayers for rain and safety for the community would be so greatly appreciated! One of my friends passed in a devastating mountain fire early this year and my heart feels so heavy even thinking about it.

Onto some slightly happier subjects though! 

I do have to say, this is my absolute favorite winter staple. Hello luxurious fur collar :) I have such memories associated with it as well. I had the pleasure of wearing it for the run of It's a Wonderful Life where I played Violet Peterson. 
SO much fun you all. I cannot wait to audition for a professional theatre near where I live. I miss acting and signing tremendously. 

Now, for these next photos I have decided to entitle them "Why on earth not?" 

Because sometimes you ditch your lovely heeled oxfords and go wading in frigid water...It called to me. I adore exploring and what fun is admiring a beautiful creek from the sidelines right? I am pleased to say I only walked out with one injury from this particular traipse through the water. 

This is the face you make when you step on then proceed to slide down worlds most slime coverer rock. 

Apples! I have been making loads of applesauce lately. And while I do not have a specific recipe I will say this. A touch (or more) of a good bourbon in the mixture as it's boiling and reducing gives an incredible flavor! 

I hope everyone has been enjoying their autumn season. 

Have a lovely evening

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OOTD: Sweater Days

As I sit here typing and sipping my coffee, I feel more at peace about life that ever before. My husband and I are all settled into our little mountain home. I have begun working for Brooks Brothers as a supervisor and it has been the most incredible experience so far! If I am being honest with my self I have never truly loved going to work...ever. I have found a home working for this company though, and the best part is the hours! I can still keep house and cook full meals and find plenty of time to sew and knit with the hours I work. 

 Also, getting to dress up every day for the store? Yay! 

This is a view I am daily treated to. The mountains of North Carolina have such a peace and wildness about them. 
If I may quote Cora Munro... for to me, her words capture how I feel about living with such beauty surrounding. 
"It is more deeply stirring to my blood than any imagining could possibly have been."

Needless to say, I want to stay here forever. Words I never thought I would say! My entire life I have wanted to move no less than once a year. To explore and travel. And while I know we may not live here forever. We have both decided if we had to pick a place to settle down for good, this would be it. 

Also, I have dyed my hair.. Once again ;) 
This time however, I had it professionally done! It makes a large difference, let me tell you. 
I dyed it for my Claire Fraser cosplay this year. If you follow me on Instagram, I have posted some photos of the costume in the works! 

Sweater: Banana Republic
Belt: Banana Republic
Boots: Frye
Jeans: ASOS
Bracelet: Alex & Ani

Also taking a moment to thank my dearest who takes wonderful pictures for me. He happens to be quite the dapper dresser himself. :) 

Have a wonderful day!