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Monday, February 6, 2017

Summer Wardrobe Plans

Happy February to all! My heavens January flew right by didn't it? You may be wondering at the pre-maturity of the title seeing as it is just barely February. However, I am very much in the throws of planning and creating my summer wardrobe. All in my pre-baby size. While I feel this is quite a risk to take, it's one I am 100% taking. Allowing for minor adjustments such as enlarging the bust size and opting for not too heavily tailored styles.

When I originally sat down to sketch out my wardrobe, I drew up lots of separates. I had visions of pants and shorts all matched with cute tops. And while I am not entirely abandoning this plan, I am adding to it. Recently my husband and I ventured into downtown Asheville to catch a showing of La La Land. The film was absolutely stunning! Being Jazz music lovers, musical theatre performers, and old movie buffs the movie was just our cup of tea :) Needless to say, Emma Stone's wardrobe greatly inspired me to add some dresses to my wardrobe. Honestly, I haven't sewn myself a good staple dress in years. Far too long!

One of the elements I enjoyed most about Emma Stone's wardrobe was that her dresses had a vintage feel and nostalgia to them without being over the top costumey looking. Some flowy breathable dresses will certainly be making an appearance in my closet this summer.

My practical reasons for this choice being we live in the Carolinas. Every single year summer rolls around, salutations are made to 100 plus degree weather not including the humidity index. Also no fuss dresses sound fantastic to throw on while taking care of a newborn! I can imagine I won't have nearly the amount of time to get ready as I do now.

Without further adieu, here are my sewing plans.


View 1 of the Colette Zinnia skirt. I have some incredibly soft, light wash denim waiting to be used for this!

The Rita pleated shorts from Wearing History. Made from a rayon challis I have in my stash

I am so excited about View 3 of the Sencha blouse! I picked up this pattern in Seattle, WA at District Fabrics along with some lovely cream and yellow polka dot fabric for the intent of this project. I am 90% done with this blouse! YAY :) From talking to other mothers, the overwhelming advice is this. After you have a baby, there will be hardly any extra time for activities such as sewing. Thus, I am attempting to get a head start. Time will tell if this is a genius idea or just..not.... haha 

View A of this Butterick pattern. 
I am planning to sew this a size larger than I usually would and I figure I can do that! because it has these fabulous giant ties that can easily adjust the size and shape of the bodice as my body changes. 

I would love to make this dress in a very free flowing drape-able fabric. Perhaps in a deep pink or lavender? I usually do not gravitate towards these colors, however my skin tone is summer. And this year, I am trying to use fabrics within my my color wheel.. Also, to break out of my normal wardrobe choices. 

This halter dress will be made using a deep green crepe. My plans being that this dress can easily transfer from summer into fall.

Can we all take a moment to realize how awesome and beautiful halter top dresses are?? Specifically those styles from the 1940's and 1950's. I am just not a fan of modern halter top styles. My rule of thumb with a halter dress or top is this... If you have an open back to a dress, one must have a high front. Simple as that!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter.

Is anyone else out there planning their spring/summer wardrobe? 
Comment below and let me know!


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