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Friday, February 5, 2016

Excited to be back!

Dear world,

       I have been away for what has seemed an eternity. When school, work, and life in general hits you full force, things fall to the wayside. Things being blogging, sewing, designing, writing, and everything that goes along with those. I have missed it so much though! My plan is to slowly slip back into blogging by creating and writing one post a week. Hoping eventually to work my way up to   around 3 a week. You may or may not remember me from my previous blog dixiedamselswaybackthen.... If you are sitting there with you head cocked to the side wondering about the title the answer is "No, I have absoloutly no idea what was running through my head when I chose that title." It might have had something to do with the fact I was 14 when I wrote my first blog. I have changed a lot since then. Who doesn't though?
Here on the new blog you will find such a wide variety of topics I hope you will never become easily bored.  I will post about the golden age of musicals (as well as their costumes :) lingerie and corsetry, historical costuming, theatre, and my favorite fashion eras. Those being mainly the 1930's through 60's. I have remained true to those eras through thick and thin. Meaning that throughout the times when the beautiful fashions and essence of those eras were vastly unpopular and I became the laughing stock and bullied for the way I dressed, I couldn't have cared less! Right now jumping on the "retro" train has proved to be popular and trendy. Which so far has not ceased to erk me... However that is another post for another time :)

I can't wait to formulate my first sewing post to share with you all!

Au Revoir


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