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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Just Keep Sewing

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have been sewing away lately through these beautiful winter months :) Currently I am working on a Civil War ball gown bodice in preparation for an upcoming photoshoot, a 1950's peasant blouse (finished just a few moments ago actually) and Folkwear Patterns the Armistice blouse, (using beautiful swiss dot fabric given to me by my sister in law) I have had my eye on this pattern for quite some time but never felt I had come across the right fabric to fulfill how I pictured the shirt in my mind. Using the swiss dot has been a dream and I cant wait to share some photos!

On the future project planning list......

A couple of weeks ago Denver Fabrics  had a large sale and I picked up some tan/blue houndstooth suiting. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a tailored 1940's suit however I cant decide on a pattern...

There is this classic go to Simplicity pattern..
But I would like to go with a bit of a different shape..

There is this pattern, which would be much more of a fun girly look :) Always lovely!

But I also think it would be amazing to make a classic double breasted look. 
What are your thoughts? Have you ever Sewn a suit and ventured into tailoring?
What is your favorite 1940's look?

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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