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Friday, February 19, 2016

Armistice Blouse Progress

Do you ever get the mentality of I must finish this sewing project right now! Tonight! For no particular reason except excitement? I have that all the time and mostly it just leads to sloppy work. Before I began this blouse I was determined to take my time with it, and so far that has worked out quite well! Whenever I read through sewing instruction my mind doesn't process one at a time it somehow likes to process them ALL at once and then I make mistakes and get confused.

While sewing the Armistice blouse I have been completing four individual instructions per night and then setting it aside. This method has given me clarity of mind and also a chance to not rush into creative decisions but really turn things around in my mind before I apply them to my work.

For instance: I am eternally grateful I decided to wait and not use the hideous plastic looking Hobby Lobby lace for the bodice of the blouse and go antique lace hunting. (Nothing against Hobby Lobby I love that store :) But lets be real... When you are sewing historical garb you'd best not reach for the Joann or Hobby Lobby lace stash... In my personal experience it gives an air of cheapness to the garment.

I am excited to share some progress photos though! Sadly my nice Canon camera went missing during my move when I got married. The hunt is still on! However until I find my beloved camera it looks like I will only be able to post using my phone photos.

I picked up this gorgeous lace collar piece from the Sanford Antique Mall 

Currently I need to still choose which lace to use for the collar and the cuffs... 

Here is a link to the pattern for those who are interested.

Do you have a go to supplier for good lace and trims?

What sewing projects have you been working on?

Have a lovely and blessed day!

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