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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

OOTD: Working Girl

Hello, all! I have been sewing away these past days which I have been adoring :)  I am working on several commissioned projects as well as some personal ones which are what keep me going. I struggle with commissioned sewing projects.. Unless they are for loved ones! Usually, my distaste for commissioned work stems from being confined to rules and not having any creative freedom. If you are a seamstress have you experienced this feeling? It gets to the point where I have to completely psych myself up just to get started working on said projects! Truly.... I am working on this. Especially as I look into the future of desiring to start a business based from home.

While I adore getting dolled up in my vintage attire and setting my hair... Lately, you will find me in jeans, apron, my hair up in a scarf and little to no makeup.  With packing up the house and tons of projects going on it works for me! I have a million cute outfit posts in mind to photograph and write about I just haven't been able to snap pictures! Tonight Ethan started randomly taking photos of me while I was working so I decided to go ahead and write an outfit post of sorts. Since after all this is what I have been donning lately. 
Embroidery details on Ethan's Renaissance shirt. Can you tell I haven't embroidered in years?? Yikes! :/

Jeans: Eddie Bauer (Hoorah for 36 inch inseams!)
Shirt: Target
Camisole: Long Tall Sally
Head Scarf: Made by me
Earrings: Good ol' safety pins!

What have you been sewing lately?

What type of projects get you excited to work on? 

Have a wonderful evening!