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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pretty Little Things: Lingerie

Hello readers! Nearly everyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with lingerie. (everyone being my girl /seamstress friends) Perhaps more than a slight obsession though…. I have a rather extensive collection at the moment! However, it occurred to me last night that it was not a subject I had written about yet on the blog. The title of my blog is Seamed Stockings and Lace after all right? Anyhow, I thought that I would talk a bit about my favorite brands and share a couple of my own personal designs.

(Also, I am writing this post in a crazed rush so pardon if it reads that way :) 

When it comes to vintage authenticity, quality, and looks. Three words: What Katie Did. 
Their quality is top notch! I purchase all of my garter belts, seamed stockings, bullet bras, and main shape wear from them. While I have tried these items from other companies, I find that I always go back to WKD. Another aspect I like about WKD is how small the business is! Customer service is excellent and I have never had a hitch in ordering or returning items as needed. Supporting small businesses has become increasingly important to me as I have many friends venturing out into that realm. I pray to as well myself one day! 

There are a couple other brands that I love however just don’t usually have the privilege of buying from. Dita Von Teese has a lovely collection with Bloomingdales as does L’Agent Provocateur. I am quite serious when I say I would do anything to work on the fourth floor of Bloomingdales. Lingerie lovers heaveeeennn! Last time I was visiting Manhattan  I walked around that floor for over an hour just soaking all the pretty items in. 
When I became engaged last October I knew that I had to find the perfect lingerie set for my wedding night. Being the person that I am, I put as much thought if not more into my boudoir wardrobe than my actual wedding dress and I am not at all ashamed to say it!  I searched for quite a while and purchased a gorgeous white set from L’Agent Provocateur. Absolutely beautiful! While not something to wear frequently, the quality and design elements are stunning.

I have a personal rule that before I make any historical outfit ensemble I have to make period appropriate underclothes. This rule applies to any time period though! meaning the 1940’s and 50’s for me. With a 1940’s dress nothing compliments it better than a set of tap pants and an authentic bra! Also, wearing a bullet bra with a turtleneck and a pair of cigarette pants? = One of my top 5 outfits I wear in the fall and winter seasons. I do indeed get strange looks and sometimes even comments when I wear a bullet bra. Honestly I could care less when it comes to other peoples opinions about my clothes…

Some lingerie brands I have not tried but have heard good things about are as follows: 

Pin Up Girl Clothing (they have a lingerie section separate from their clothing and and swimwear) 

Playful Promises- Ethan actually bought me a corset from them which was beautiful! Sadly it was far too short for my tall frame. So I ended up giving it to my sister in law for a costume piece. 

Ella McPherson

Every day brands that I enjoy consists of Victorias secret and Target brand. I used to adore VS but lately I have been thoroughly un-impressed with their designs and marketing. Like I said, I still buy my everyday wear from them, but don’t buy any nicer lingerie sets from them. 

And there you have it! A speed through of my thoughts on lingerie. 

Here a few of my personal designs.

Have a lovely day!

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