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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Style: Sailorette

Good Sunday to all of you wonderful people! If you are wondering about the title above, Ethan has taken to calling me a sailorette while up here in Alaska. Also, I actually put on some feminine attire today so I thought that was post worthy enough for now! If you were to catch sight of me here on the boat, you would see me in jeans, a sweater and boots. Clothing that I am not afraid to rip or get dirty basically. One day I attempted to dress nicely when I knew that I would not be doing any deck hand work. I wore a lovely vintage pencil skirt and high waist sweater. Well, I found out that I would be attending an emergency survival class that evening. No big deal right? Sit at a desk, scribble notes, and pay attention. Twas not so… Towards the end of the class the instructor let us know that we had to put on an immersion suit in less that one minute. If you don’t know what an immersion suit is than google it, haha you will laugh. You will laugh harder when you imagine me climbing into one with a pencil skirt. Staying modest was quite interesting! However, I was one of the fastest and hit well under the one minute mark :) Which I attribute to all of my quick changes throughout the many musicals I have performed in. Fun times y’all….fun times. 

Anyhow, on to the outfit! I paired my Linden Lady Palazzo pants with a simple tied up shirt, tossed on some earring and swept my hair up in a clip. Fast, easy, simple. Ethan was kind enough to take a couple minutes and snap some photos for me :) For someone who previously had no photography experience, I think he is doing quite splendidly! Don't you? 

Ahhh knitting! my happy place. 

Three items that Ethan always travels with: 1940's aviators, Robert Frost poetry book, and his leather Bible. They made for a pretty photo :) 

I hope that all of you are having a lovely Sunday!


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