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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sewing: Smooth Sailing Trousers

Good evening everyone! Good morning depending upon what time you are reading this. As I sit typing this moment I am on anchor watch. My shift lasts for 2 hours and is on rotation so it never happens at the same time as the night previous. While I hated anchor watch at first, I now enjoy it! I get to have a space all to myself and enjoy peace and quite. Which happens to be quite a luxury! The days here are a blur and the nights are bright and full of work. I am exhausted. We arrived here in Alaska in May and it is now July…I can hardly believe it! I have moments where I think that I love this job and could definitely stay for years. While on the other hand I have days where I contemplate jumping overboard and taking my chances with the Bristol Bay rather than one more day of being on our boat! Truly, I don’t think its that bad in and of it self. But rather that I am so not suited for the lifestyle of a sailor or ‘sailorette’ ;) and don’t particularity enjoy being thrown so far out of my comfort. zone. On the other hand I love it and wouldn’t trade this experience for the world! I am completely at war with myself when it comes to how I feel about working here in Alaska so I think I will stop writing about this and blame it on hormones for the time being. And start talking about Wearing History's fantabulous Smooth Sailing Trousers! 

 I have wanted to sew these pants for years. Literally years. As I sat down to begin this project I started to wonder “Why on earth have I not made these before?” Seriously though people. I have had this pattern on my make list ever since it was released and I am proud to say that it is scratched off! Not permanently though because I will for sure be sewing these again! 

Construction was easy as pie. Around 5 hours including pattern adjustments for fitting. I lowered the crotch and the length of the pants. Per usual :) You can’t be over 6 ft tall and not make adjustments such as those.  The fit of these make me feel so elegant! the high waist hits just right and is quite slimming :) 

I purchased the fabric from Mood and bought some extra yardage in case some other projects happened to arise. Now I really want to make a coordinating 1940s suit jacket! The only down side to the fabric is that the plaid doesn’t really stand out as much as I would like it to. From far away the color of the pants looks like a muted brown/gray tone. Which is a shame because the pattern is really lovely! And has a light blue thread running through it. 

The blouse is from an old 1940s vintage pattern from my stash. I haven’t sewn using it in years and realized that while it may be one of my favorite patterns that next time I would need to do some updating to the sizing. The blouse fits OK but not great. So one of my next projects is to re-grade the entire thing for future use. On the subject of the blouse though. I am loving my new married initials! It’s the small things…

Usually I am not a fan of monograming. (Hello living in the south were women monogram EVERYTHING. And do it with chevron, anchors, hot pink colors, crazy fonts and deco mesh and YIKES the list is endless.) That being said I have come to realize I do indeed like monograming! When it is tastefully and legibly embroidered on cloth or stamped into leather. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! 

Have you ever sewn Wearing History Patterns before?

If so, which one is your favorite? 

What are your thoughts on monograming? Is it a Yay or Nay? 

Have a lovely day!

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