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Friday, July 8, 2016

Adventures in Knitting: Return to Inverness Cowl

I seem to have posted quite a bit about knitting here on the blog without actually posting any finished projects. Yikes! 

 Today I bring you a post/review of Lion Brand Yarns 'Return to Inverness Cowl' which was inspired by the TV show Outlander. I completed this project right before we came to Alaska but better late than never to post about it! One of my biggest loves within costuming is pairing knit pieces with my costumes. I do this mainly when attending The Carolina Renaissance Fair but I find it adds wonderful texture to any ensemble. My number one reason for watching Outlander really is the costumes/knitwear. Apparently I am not the only one who has grown attached to the frocks, fingerless gloves, and scarves Claire sports on the show! :) Lion Brand Yarn has launched many replica patterns and I chose to try out the most simple pattern for myself. I was/am in the middle of several difficult knitting projects so the cowl was really just something to work on when I wanted a break from craziness but didn’t want to stop knitting.

Here is a buzzfeed link where they showcase the lovely knitwear of the show!

May I please just say….This cowl doesn’t even need a pattern and I really feel rather upset about even paying for it! here's the gist without spelling everything out….You knit using two strands of bulky yarn at one time with gigantic needles. You knit for said length, cast off and join the ends together making a cowl. The end. I completed two scarves in one night! For those of you who have an Outlander fan in your life or someone who likes cowls, than this would make a fantastic Christmas present! Or a beginner knitters project. I always get ambitious with my knitting presents for Christmas but end up choosing too complicated patterns and never leave my self enough time to finish what I have started. 
(P.S. If any of my friends/family are reading this, to answer your thought: yes, you are probably getting one of these for Christmas)

Something I love about this cowl?? It is the warmest scarf I have ever wrapped around my neck. I wear it all the time up here in Alaska! (I added more stitches when casting on than the original pattern instructed) I like living life on the edge like that….. haha ;) One thing I did change while knitting my second scarf that I did not do on the first was I added some length so that it isn't so tight.

All in all a good project! Or couple projects if you knit several like I did. The cowl is warm, fashionable, can easily be used as a costume piece (score!) and relaxing to knit. I plan on making several more. 

I'd love to know if anyone has tried any of the Lion Brand Outlander patterns! 

Or tried any knitting patterns from the book Highlander Knits.

Have a lovely day!


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