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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sewing: The Ahwahnee Coat

Hello all! Sorry for my short blogging break there. Work has been very busy here in Alaska, and I have had hardly any time to sew or write! I have been knitting quite a bit as usual but I think I should spread my knitting posts out a bit :) I am pleased to say I have accomplished knitting my first hat though.

Today I thought I would share with you my progress on the first of two winter coats I am sewing this year! I chose Wearing History’s Ahwahnee pattern to get my feet wet in winter coat sewing and it proved to be just perfect for that! I chose a good warm wool and simple lining from Denver Fabrics, and I am loving the color contrast of the grey and the blue.

There are a couple of key design elements that led me to choosing this pattern. 
  1. It had a hood (I love hoods!) 
  2. It had welt pockets
  3. It was not overly formal in design

Later this year I will be embarking upon making a fully tailored 1940’s coat and I wanted this coat to be suitable for everyday use. As well as exploring the highlands later this year. (Ethan and I will be taking a slight detour after Alaska to visit Scotland.)

The coat is not quite finished yet, but it is getting close! This was my first time sewing welt pockets and I think they turned out pretty decently for my first try! All that’s left is sewing the buttons and making the button holes then it is done! I believe I will wait to post the final photos till we are in Scotland however, for a pretty backdrop :) 

Have you ever sewn a winter coat?

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