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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sewing: The Rosie Overalls

Hello there! I apologize for my blogging break once more. Life has been very busy and stressful lately. While the fishing season has officially ended we are still quite busy here in Alaska. However, what has truly been stressful is figuring out life back home. Currently we don't have jobs or living arrangements lined up back in North Carolina and boy has that been difficult. In this day and age it seems to find employment you need a fantastic college degree... Neither Ethan or I posses that at the moment as we are both trade workers. I am working on getting an Associates and Ethan wants terribly to get a degree, however we can't afford college for the both of us. In the meantime, navigating the waters of employment is increasingly frustrating but we are both praying constantly and trusting the Lord for provision when we return home.

On to happier subjects! I have learned so much here in Alaska. Learned lessons about my self and character that were sorely needed, learned how to live without sleeping through the night and how to get by with just four hours regularly, how to keep my tongue in check when I feel like giving a deck hand a good lecture on what it means to behave like a gentleman... (Keeping my comments to my self is still the hardest I have to say... I can be quite opinionated haha) All in all  though, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. Also, Jellyfish have become a slight new obsession of mine. I have been able to see them many times here and I am fascinated with the different species! It was a happy day when I got to see a Cyanea Capillata jellyfish. It was gigantic! And incredibly amazing :)

I sewed these overalls well over a year ago for a photoshoot I had that took place in a greenhouse. ( I hope to be able to share photos from that shoot at some point on the blog!)
 I LOVE them. They are so comfortable! Feminine, and practical. I wear them here while painting, working, cooking, doing paperwork, you name it!

I don't remember the exact denim I chose, but I remember I purchased it from Denver Fabrics. The pattern is from Folkwear (fabulous pattern by the way) It also includes a pattern for a sweater and snood as well as the overalls!

I do so love snoods. They can provide just the right touch to a 1940's style ensemble. One note I do have to say about wearing snoods is that even though it seems like you can just bundle up straight hair and stick it in? You can't. Well, you can but you shouldn't because the hair will poke through all crazy! Best to wear one of these with a head full of curly hair. Which leads to the best part! They hold your curls. So, if you set your hair and want to keep the curl, wear a snood during the day for work then let your beautiful tresses out for a night on the town!

Photoshoots are much more interesting when it's ones husband taking the photos haha I usually end up goofing off most of the time... But it is great fun! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

What have you been up to?



  1. I totally love this look!! You're rocking the snood and overalls, and that looks like a perfect turtleneck!