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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wardrobe Fantasies

While scrolling through my facebook feed I happened across the following photos of Marilyn Monroe. It struck my attention immediately. Nearly everyone is treated daily to images of possibly the greatest icon of all time. However not photos such as these. She looks thoughtful and kind. Girlish yet still womanly. The dark, soft, floral print of her gathered skirt and the lace insets in her blouse compliment each other perfectly. 
Currently being in the throws of planning my spring/summer wardrobe has led me down the rabbit hole of screen siren style and my vintage sewing pattern stash. What a delightful way to spend evenings though! I am currently trying to rid most of my wardrobe of my non vintage or vintage styled items. I went through a time where I dressed as if I lived in the 1940's/50's every single day. How I miss those times! Getting a job at a dental office put quite a damper on that.... as well as going through a phase (Which I am not proud of) Where I was more interested in impressing boys than staying true to who I was. However, I married a lovely man who  not only encourages me to dress exactly how I want but who has a passion for dressing in past styles as well. He has become my partner in crime when it comes to thrifting and hunting for antique treasures! 

I have been obsessed with this darling blue dress of Marilyn's since my first sighting. It just screams fun picnics by the lake or long walks on the beach to me.... 

I love how you see her petticoat plainly in this photo here. Mostly for my seamstress brain, which immediately thinks of how to recreate the divinity that is this dress. 

How do you plan your seasonal wardrobe? 

Has anything inspired you lately to change up your wardrobe? 

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