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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sewing: The Linden Lady Palazzo Pants

Hoorah! My first sewing post from Alaska! Words can’t express the joy I felt when I had the freedom to start working on the sewing projects I brought with me. The only time I have to sew is at night after a full days work which makes for very tired eyes. This became a direct affect on the project I am sharing with you today. 

I have been itching to sew these Palazzo pants (by Brijee Patterns) for quite a while and I knew that it would be one of the projects I would bring with me to Alaska. The fabric I chose is from Mood Fabrics :) One of my favorite fabric and sewing supply stores of all time! I still love this company even though they shipped my order to the wrong address and lost it… but found it again! And a month later it was at my door step soooo yay for happy endings! 

Now, onto sewing notes. 
 I would like to preface this section of the post by saying I was not entirely of sound mind while sewing these pants. (I was exhausted) However my window of opportunity for sewing was quite small which meant that nothing was going to stop me! Sadly the exhaustion factor coupled with our boat rocking quite badly during a storm made for some doozies of mistakes. (Pardon me while I go jump out the window from embarrassment) 
I attached the waist band on backwards. Instead of having the zipper and closures open from the left side they open from the right side. Also, don’t even get me started with how horrific my bound button holes look. For me bound button holes are like a bad math problem I just can’t quite master. Meaning that I avoid doing them at all costs! Which is entirely the wrong answer to a problem because it means I will never get better at them. With both the Weskit and the Palazzo pants I decided to tackle bound button holes once and for all. The result? Very bad looking! Just sloppy work… I don’t know why I can’t master these! Does anyone have any tips? Currently I have resigned myself to just doing them over and over again till one day they look as they should. 

As far as the pattern goes though? It is truly amazing!! Brigid did a beautiful job on this pattern and the illustrations provided throughout the steps come across perfectly clearly. This is an attribute that frequently cannot be awarded to sewing patterns in my opinion. Needless to say, I am already plotting to make my second pair. These pants are that perfect balance of being comfortable to wear yet looking classy. 

For my second pair of Palazzo pants I will be choosing a heavier fabric for the fall and winter months. Or in my case here in Alaska… for the summer months! I’m sorry, but to my North Carolina raised self, anything ranging from the 30’s to the 50’s is frigid weather. 

Any thoughts and tips on mastering bound button holes? 
What have you been sewing?

Have a wonderful weekend and a delightful day!



  1. Love this. And the photos are so Beautiful. I ordered the Palazzo pant pattern today and can't wait to start sewing. What pattern did you use for the vest?

    1. Thank you so much! For the vest (also known as a weskit) I bought a vintage pattern from Etsy. Specifically Simplicity 2943. If you search 'Weskit pattern' on Etsy than similar patterns should pop up :)