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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OOTD: Autumn in North Carolina

My, that title sounds strange without New York at the end doesn't it? I apologize for radio silence and a complete lack of regular posting. When I started this blog I had these beautiful intentions of posting no less than three times a week. However, then you start work. Your days off are spent catching up on laundry, housework, and make-a-head meals. Don't get me wrong. I love it! I truly love taking care of a house and being a wife. It's just that I'm still learning the ropes of it all and it occupies almost all of my time.

I have not even had the privilege to sit down and spend some quality time with my darling  Bernina. Save for mandatory mending. If you do not already know, I work part time for Brooks Brothers as a supervisor. And the holiday hours that come along with working retail will soon set in creating even longer days. Thankfully, my husband and I share one weekday off from work that is the same. We have enjoyed using this day to explore the new territory we now call home. The mountains of North Carolina have so much to offer! Apple and vegetable stands on every corner it seems, not to mention homemade apple cider donuts. :)

As a side note. Western North Carolina is in an extreme drought right now. Wildfires are roaring and burning thousands of acres. The fire truly is just down the road from us and we may have to possibly evacuate. Prayers for rain and safety for the community would be so greatly appreciated! One of my friends passed in a devastating mountain fire early this year and my heart feels so heavy even thinking about it.

Onto some slightly happier subjects though! 

I do have to say, this is my absolute favorite winter staple. Hello luxurious fur collar :) I have such memories associated with it as well. I had the pleasure of wearing it for the run of It's a Wonderful Life where I played Violet Peterson. 
SO much fun you all. I cannot wait to audition for a professional theatre near where I live. I miss acting and signing tremendously. 

Now, for these next photos I have decided to entitle them "Why on earth not?" 

Because sometimes you ditch your lovely heeled oxfords and go wading in frigid water...It called to me. I adore exploring and what fun is admiring a beautiful creek from the sidelines right? I am pleased to say I only walked out with one injury from this particular traipse through the water. 

This is the face you make when you step on then proceed to slide down worlds most slime coverer rock. 

Apples! I have been making loads of applesauce lately. And while I do not have a specific recipe I will say this. A touch (or more) of a good bourbon in the mixture as it's boiling and reducing gives an incredible flavor! 

I hope everyone has been enjoying their autumn season. 

Have a lovely evening

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