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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Years! And a 2016 Recap

Hello! My it has been far too long... It seems that 2017 has officially come. Which to me is unreal in every aspect. Christmas flew by without so much as a wink, as did time with family. Living a couple hours away from one's family may not seem like a terrible hike, but life is busy for everyone. Meaning seeing my and Ethan's family is a precious commodity these days.

2016 held so much. It turned out to be a year where such an extraordinary amount of things came to pass that it felt as if two years worth of events and activities were shoved into one.

Here in a brief bullet point list are some main events that happened!

  • January 2, 2016, Ethan and I got married! 
  • We moved to a small temporary house
  • We moved to Alaska for the fishing season
  • We moved back to NC 
  • We couch surfed from family to family while we searched for a place to live 
  • We moved to the mountains 
  • I got a job working for Brooks Brothers
  • We left to Scotland for a week (we decided we would do this during Alaska ) 
  • We truly settle into our new rental house. Yay!
  • Ethan and I host Thanksgiving dinner (An accomplishment I am putting on here, because if you have ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner by yourself.... well, you understand;) 
  • Christmas time! Ethan and I get to tell our families that we will indeed be welcoming a little girl into the world! The due date being May 24, 2017. 

This catches us up to present day. Currently, a series of decisions need to be made that all have quite the domino effect upon each other. While I have never been a person who dislikes change or making decisions, I find myself wanting to fall asleep and wake up to find everything rosy and perfect. Haha, if only real life were that easy! P.S. Ethan and I are thinking about possibly moving again.... Which sounds like such an overwhelming prospect. However, it is one of those decisions mentioned above that need to be made. Truly beginning to feel like a nomad...

Here a some of my favorite photos from this past year. (In absolutely no particular order)
Getting ready photos! 
Left to right: My best friend Heidi, me, then my sisters Caroline and Casey. We are all quite silly and dramatic... If you can't tell :)
Father daughter dance

The scenery and weather never ceased to amaze me in Alaska! 

Enjoying some time in Washington state after Alaska!

Scotland... I can only ever hope to return someday! Hopefully for months of exploration instead of a week. 
North Carolina apples=the best 

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and Advent season. 

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