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Saturday, September 10, 2016

How to Functionally Wear Vintage While Traveling: Summer Edition

Hello dear readers,

I have done lots of traveling through the years and in a varying degree of dress. For me, car trips are all about the comfy clothes. Leggings, long tunic style shirts and squishy soft socks. Flying, though? Oh, heaven forbid I ever step foot on a plane in any type of dress such as I described above. I absolutely disapprove of the casual state of clothing that people have adopted while flying. Every time I go through security I am blinded by Hello Kitty PJ pants and sports team sweat pants. What’s running through my head at this time? “Stop all of the madness!” In nothing short of a Shakespeare style drama voice.

Over the course of many years, I have adopted a bit of a specific flying style. Vintage flair with modern practicality and minimalistic jewelry. It’s a bit of direct formula now that I think of it. While I have traveled in heels before (Strappy 4-inch stilettos to be exact) I do not suggest it. I also walked 3 miles in said heels one fateful night in Manhattan. It hurt so terribly I actually considered going barefoot in the city. Which if you have ever looked down while walking on Broadway, you truly would have to be on the brink of insanity to even consider that.
While footwear can be a bit of a kryptonite for me. I have to sigh, set looks aside and quietly resign myself to donning comfortable flats for air travel. I thank myself at the end of the day every time, though. 

Shirt: T.J. Maxx 
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Bag: A gift from my father :) It is his old briefcase he used to carry to work. I have used it as my purse for many years now! 

A note about The Linden Lady Palazzo pants. I first made these pants to accompany a very specific 1930's style outfit. And I honestly put them in my closet wondering how I was going to wear/style them again. Um.... I am not kidding when I say I currently live in these pants now! I decided to don them for our two days of flying, travel, sleeping in the airport. You know all that jazz and fun stuff. I then proceeded to wear them in Seattle, WA where Ethan and I  stopped to visit for two days. I changed briefly out of them once to wear a circle skirt outfit but jumped right back in them when we arrived back at our hostel! They have only left my person to take a wash these last weeks and I am starting to sew my second pair soon! 

Am I getting a little over zealous when in my mind I am planning to sew two different pairs for every season? 

Some travel essentials you guys :) A pattern to read through, some organic dark chocolate, and my knitting. If you have never tried Green and Black's Dark Chocolate before, go get some! 

Outerwear: This is a bit tricky and seems to be determined by the destination. However, I always travel with my trench coat. It is lightly lined but if I get chilly, keeps me warm just fine. Not to mention, I feel a little bit fabulous in it ;) 

Hats: I love wearing hats with outfits. It can really give a fun element! And while I have worn hats for flying the only warning I have to say is just make sure you keep track of it! I have nearly lost a treasured head covering many times before. Usually from needing to take it off during security and being in a rush etc... 

Jewelry: While flying I usually keep it simple to no jewelry. I am not a huge jewelry person anyway, but I seem to stick with hoop earrings and long chain style necklace for travel. Very easy removal for security. 

Are you noticing a theme here? Security seems to dictate most of my fashion choices for flying haha. 

So long Alaska, you certainly were grand! 

And I believe that's all for today. Currently, I am planning to do a travel edition for every season! Fall is up next.

Blessings and have a wonderful day,


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